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    Links to related web pages and research groups can be found on the ABOUT Related Sites section.
  • FAQ list
    • Q: How can I access the raw data (if not inlcuded in the DB) for the different results shown in the MyMpn database?
    • A: You can either directly contact the authors of the related publication or write an email to in case you think that this data should be generally available in the MyMpn database.

    • Q:Can I draw the gene expression curves for multiple genes at the same time?
    • A: Pressing 'ctrl' it is possible to select multiple genes from the drop-down menu and draw the curves for all selected genes.

    • Q: How can I change the language of the genome browser GBrowse?
    • A: The language of the GBrowse genome browser reflects the default language of your web browser. Changing the web browser default language also changes the language of GBrowse.

    • Q: Where can I find information about other sites and databases related to the MyMpn database?
    • A: In the ABOUT Related Sites section, we list different databases to which we link in the diverse sections of the web interface as well as the laboratories involved in the Mycoplasma project.

    • Q: Is the MyMpn database regularly updated?
    • A: The MyMpn database is updated when new published data is made available to the MyMpn team (email to or whenever we managed to improve or embed an analysis tool on the webpage.

    • Q: Can a user update/curate database entries?
    • A: The end-user is not allow to update/curate any database entries in order to maintain a strict data quality control. However, in case of errors in our data or new results correcting the actual MyMpn content, please write an email to

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  • Gene Expression Curves Tutorial