Datasets ~ Genome The re-annotation of the genome of M. pneumoniae is accessible to support upcoming publications, however the gene list has not yet been updated according to this new and still not properly published data. Data of M. genitalium will be made available upon publication.
Abbreviations used in the DataBase files are defined as ID = internal identifier assigned to respective ORF; TSC = translational start codon (genome position); +/- = genome/reverse complement. If no MPN ID is given, the protein is a non-confirmed putative newly identified protein.
The Genome Re-annotation gives for each gene transcription start and termination sites (TSSs, TTSs) and the genome positions of the translational start codon (TSC) and the stop codon (Stop).
Species Description File(s)
Mpn DataBase of Putative Peptides from Genome file
Mpn DataBase of Putative Peptides from Transcriptome file
Mpn Genome Re-annotation file